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Mini Bees & Little Bees

The Mini Bees Program has been created for players ages 2-4. We want to create a fun atmosphere for children of this age to soak up information and learn the correct fundamental skills not just for soccer, but all sports. These sessions are fun, and energetic to keep the attention of the players. Training sessions are 45 minutes long with several water and instructional breaks (reset) in the physical activity of the session. All sessions are conducted with soccer balls and other types of balls to incorporate the multi-sport perspective. All sessions will be ran by our professional staff and coaches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
The Mini-Bees, Little-Bees program was designed to create a fun, exciting and structured environment where players ages 3-8 can experience how much fun soccer can be.  Learning fundamentals in an age-appropriate, enjoyable atmosphere can ignite the passion within even the smallest players.
Why should I expose my child at these young ages?
These are the golden years of learning.  Kids at these very young ages can learn important life skills such as sharing, communication, teamwork and sportsmanship which can have a profound effect throughout their lives.
What if they are nervous or uncomfortable in a group setting or they have never played soccer?
We have never met a child who didn’t want to have fun.  Some may take a bit of time to enjoy the games and learning, but the fun of the game is contagious and nearly every child will engage in the session given a little time and encouragement.  Most of them jump right in and love running and laughing with the other children.
Why aren't games played every Saturday?
This program is designed for the development of the player at an early age. We want each player to be able to learn and grow while having fun. This does not mean that our weekly trainings will not be game like or have small sided games within them. We would prefer to take the time to teach players in a game setting as a part of their training. 
How do I get my child involved?
The cost for the 6 week session (Includes a Puma top) can be found in the table on this page. We invite players to bring neighborhood/ preschool friends to increase the fun and energy of the class. 
What if I believe my child is more advanced than the Little Bees?
For more developed and older players, we offer the Black and Yellow Academy. More information for that program can be found here
Can I speak to the coaches?
Absolutely, Kat Constandse is the lead program coach, she can be contacted at Nancy Sibley and Eric Gundred will also be a part of coaching this program. 
What should my child bring to the session?
The children can wear their favorite activity clothes. Athletic shoes or tennis shoes are acceptable, cleats are not required. Shin guards are highly encouraged.  They can bring a soccer ball and a water bottle.

Program Fees

Mini Bees
$70 per 6 week session (includes Puma top)
$45 per 4 week session
Little Bees
$90 per 6 week session (includes Puma top)
$60 per 4 week session

Fall Bees Registration NOW OPEN!

The Little Bees Program is intended for players ages 4-8. We plan to provide the player with information and help them learn the correct developmental building blocks of skills necessary to succeed throughout their career. Players will have a lot of focus on developing form and technique. Throughout the 6 week session, the focus is on progression and development of the player’s understanding and abilities. It is important that the sessions are structured so that the player can feel successful.
Training sessions will be 60 minutes long with a focus on ball mastery, footwork and technical skills within a game like atmosphere. All trainings will be run by our professional staff and coaches. 


Contact the Program Director - Kat